Anchor Financial Group

Bringing Outdated Office Space to Exceed Modern Expectations

To create Anchor Financial’s sleek new corporate headquarters, DCP completely renovated three floors of existing office. Through a complete gut, the building has been updated to feature open concept work zones and collaboration areas. Flex Spaces throughout the building allow staff to focus on individual tasks or hold impromptu meetings without being disturbed. Every aspect of the building was reimagined to promote collaboration and flexibility. The Break Room Suite now features conversation pods and recreation space.

Sustainability was a key part of this upgrade. All lighting is LED, with new lighting controls designed to maximize efficiency. The building is also completely rewired to accommodate technology advances and to facilitate increased use of media.

The new office is light-filled, with sleek black accents and warm wood feature elements. Custom paneling and trim in a contemporary grid design is used to highlight informal meeting spaces, conversation nooks, and relaxation areas.

Architect: Baskervill