Richmond Police Department

The cramped and decaying storage area in Downtown where the Richmond Police Department holds guns, drugs and other evidence for court cases is finally on its way to being replaced.

The site is a historic former tobacco warehouse on Commerce Road east of Manchester. And Dominion Construction Partners (DCP) is leading the way on the renovation.

The renovation included 50,000 square feet of office and storage space – transforming this historic landmark in the process. The project is a joint venture between owner/developers Harper & Associates/City Central and the City of Richmond, with DCP providing preconstruction and construction management.

DCP’s work included replacing the roof decking and wood beams, while making sure the structure itself was left intact, as well as the build-out of office and storage space.

One hundred years ago, half of the tobacco the country smoked hung in these historic buildings. Thanks to this innovative venture, they’ll soon be ready to serve the City of Richmond for the next hundred years.