6 Bears & a Goat Brewing Company

The owners at 6 Bears & a Goat Brewing Company share a love of craft brewing and an appreciation for unique design, meaningful artifacts, and all things nautical. Dominion Construction Partners connected with them through their designer, who we knew from another project. The owners had interviewed other contractors, but they liked our approach best. Together, we agreed on a two-phase approach to accomplish their vision on time and in budget.

Thanks to our extensive experience in commercial build-out, Dominion Construction Partners was able to value engineer the project and translate the scope of work into a doable, two-phase plan.

Phase 1, Brewery, Finished Summer of 2015

First we got the brewery itself up and running. When the client ran into equipment issues, we were able to step in and get the equipment delivered and installed. Not only did we keep the project on time, but our costs were 1/4 what it would have been if the owners had hired it out to usual sources.

Phase 2, Restaurant and Bar, Beginning in 2016

In build-outs like this, Dominion Construction Partners often manages the subcontractors, and then the owners do the finishes themselves. In this case, however, we advised the owners to contract directly with the subs themselves (with us coordinating). This allowed the client to maximize their resources and still get the custom finishes they wanted.

Project Highlights

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Statement Bar. The curved bar top is handcrafted from rare Sapele Mahogany from Africa. Due to its size, this piece had to be integrated into the construction itself. The bar also uses a custom-processed tin metal facing. Again, due to the size of the bar, the tin had to be processed in two batches, resulting in sheets that were 2 different colors. Our solution — to mix the two colors to make a pattern — yielded a result that the owners love, while maintaining cost and time parameters. Custom Fixtures. Everything is custom and reflects the nautical theme, from beer taps to light fixtures. Throughout the project, the owners brought in lots of unique artifacts and left it to us to figure out the best way to use them — including a giant wooden boat that was built by the father of one of the owners. Integrated Design/Build. Dominion Construction Partners worked closely with the designer, Spaces Design Studio, but due to the custom nature of the space, we really had to step up on the design side. All the custom work required made this project enjoyable for us, and rewarding for the client.