Hard Shell Bellgrade

Dominion Construction Partners (DCP) is continuing our collaboration with Richmond Restaurant Group to extend the rebranding of The Hard Shell’s popular downtown location out to their Bellgrade location. DCP had carried out a significant renovation of The Hard Shell Bellgrade six years ago, and in January 2017, renovated and rebranded the downtown location. Recently, we totally gutted and renovated The Hard Shell Bellgrade to match the downtown brand.

The total size of the renovated restaurant is 4,000 square feet. DCP worked with the client and architect to build out the space according to specifications. Most importantly, we structured the workflow so that the restaurant was able to remain open for business throughout the renovation.

The Bellgrade location had started as two separate restaurants, which were then combined into a restaurant and banquet hall. DCP closed off access between the two spaces with drywall so renovations wouldn’t interfere with business. Service continued in the former banquet room, and once renovations in the restaurant were completed, it reopened, with the banquet room going back to the landlord. This allowed The Hard Shell to consolidate space, reduce expenses, and continue serving customers.


Project Highlights

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  Rebrand an existing restaurant’s second site. The client is committed to keeping all its restaurants up to date and on brand. During this renovation, DCP completely gutted the space, rebuilding it with fixtures and finishes to match the renovations we had already completed in the downtown location. This attention to detail ensures a consistent experience for customers of The Hard Shell. Consolidate space for more efficiency. The client had determined that a designated banquet room was no longer needed. Before returning this space to the landlord, DCP used the banquet room to continue serving patrons, enabling us full access to renovate the restaurant. The client now has a restaurant that is right-sized, creating an amazing experience for patrons without paying unnecessary overhead. Keep business going throughout construction. Restaurant margins are slim, so keeping The Hard Shell open throughout the renovation was imperative. DCP was able to accomplish this goal by enclosing the opening between the spaces with drywall and soundproofing. All renovations were successfully completed with no loss of business.