Long Relationship with Dominion Construction Partners Helps Fine Jeweler Build Brand, Increase Sales

Schwarzschild Jewelers

For more than a decade, Dominion Construction Partners (DCP) has worked with Schwarzschild Jewelers to create exceptional experiences in each of its 3 area stores. Our collaboration has helped this premier jeweler change locations and update stores without interrupting daily operations. Thanks to excellent project management through the years, Schwarzschild has continued to flourish at its Carytown, Alverser Plaza, and Short Pump Town Center locations.

Stores range in size from 3,300 to 4,000 square feet. At the Carytown location in Cary Court, DCP worked closely with owners the Schiffman family as they renegotiated the lease and moved the store to a new location a few doors down. At Alverser Plaza, we renovated 1,500 square feet to incorporate a new specialized boutique. And in Short Pump, we’ve updated the store to remain on-brand and to accommodate changing customer tastes.

At all three locations, DCP has worked with the same designer, who has vast experience in family jewelry stores nationwide. This collaboration ensures consistent branding through multiple locations. Critically, we structured the workflow during each renovation so that the jeweler was able to remain open for business throughout the process.

As Director of Marketing Kiley Schiffman explains:
“Scot Ryan (Managing Member) and Karl Greening (Project Superintendent) are always a pleasure to work with. Our new Schwarzschild engagement ring center in Alverser Plaza is just the latest example of their commitment to high level craftsmanship. We never tire of hearing the glowing reviews from our customers after each project is completed.”
— Kiley Schiffman, Director of Marketing, Schiffman’s, Shreve & Co., Schwarzschild and Sylvan’s

Project Highlights

Project Highlights Match irreplaceable custom finishes. In the Alverser Plaza location, DCP’s renovations needed to match custom finishes installed over 10 years ago. A potentially costly challenge involved installing a new lighting system in the custom crafted, hand-finished ceiling dome. There was no room for error, as the new lighting had to be precisely placed to highlight the display cases below. If we damaged the finish, it could not be patched. So the whole dome would need to be repainted, at unacceptable costs in time and money. We used meticulous planning and lasers to make precise holes, ensuring that the new fixtures aligned precisely with the jewelry cases with no damage to the dome.
Integrate additional brands and fixtures into existing spaces. A big challenge with jewelry stores is the fact that jewelry display cases are made off-site by specialty companies for brands like David Yurman(R) and Pandora(R), and they send their own people to assemble the cases and put them in place. DCP needs to be in constant consultation with the designer because these cases need to be precisely integrated into the store. Especially since, in the end, the location of fixtures has an impact on how effectively the products can be sold.
Manage projects flawlessly for remote client. The Schiffman family is based in Greensboro, NC. Since the Schwarzschild projects are located 200 miles from their headquarters, they rely on DCP to get the job done right with minimal supervision. Most importantly, every critical deadline must be met in order to keep business moving forward — every decision made has repercussions on the total effort. Projects are intense because of what’s at stake. For more than 10 years, DCP has demonstrated that we can make the projects run smoothly for the client while producing exceptional spaces.